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What’s the difference between OEM ink and Plotterinkshop ink? Why can Plotterinkshop delived at such affordable rate?

The cartridges from Plotterinkshop are remanufactured while maintaining the same quality as an original ink cartridge. You are not paying for a brand name, therefore the ink cartridges are offered at an affordable price.

Do I need a technician to change over the inks on my machine?

No, an technician is not required. Simply take out the original cartridges and replace with your Plotterinkshop cartridge and continue to print. You can even replace the cartridges one at a time to use your old inks up.

I do a lot of repeat work for my clients will the colours change if I change to Plotterinkshop inks?

No, the Plotterinkshop Colours are matched to the OEM ink colours, so you do not need to re-profile or worry about colour shift.

Will changing my ink void the warranty on my printer?

The machine manufacturer will only be able to exclude the “Ink Stream Parts” from your warranty. All Plotterinkshop inks are backed by our own warranty. For further details please contact us.