Set No 831 for HP cartridges perfectly suitable for your HP Latex machine
HP No 831 Set for great results Latex jobs.
Increase profit? Looking for affordable ink for one of the following HP DesignJet printer types?

  • HP DesignJet L310
  • HP DesignJet L315
  • HP DesignJet L330
  • HP DesignJet L335
  • HP DesignJet L360
  • HP DesignJet L365
  • HP DesignJet L370
  • HP DesignJet L375
  • HP DesignJet L560
  • HP DesignJet L570

This is the perfect rebuild cartridge type for you!
The cartridges contain 775 ml.

Available colors: Black (BK) – Cyan (C) –Magenta(M)– Yellow(Y) – Light Cyan(Lc) – Light Magenta(Lm) – Optimizer(O)

We help printers, creative entrepreneurs, large or SMB’s and provide cartridges and inks for the best prices, best quality for replacement inks for your Canon plotter. We keep prices as competitive as possible without compromising the quality of our ink cartridges, just to increase your profit.

We believe in the quality of our products; we only offer ink that will help you. OEM quality and performance only cheaper. Reduce your ink costs with this Set No 831 for HP.
Just €  483,- (6 colors + Optimizer)

Based in The Netherlands we offer highest quality rebuild cartridges on the market with
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Plug & Print
No flushing required: There’s no need to flush the ink lines. It’s easy to make a change!
Mix & Match: Specifically manufactured, to match the properties of HP® Inks
Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production
Personal contact with our service team
Available colours: BK, C, M, Y, Lc, Lm, O
Outstanding print durability
Wide gamut & Intensive colors.


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