Good that you want to know who we are. You want to know our background and who you buy from.
Plotterinkshop is a web shop founded by Eric de Jager in 2013.

After traveling through Europe for 27 years for sales and advice of graphic materials, it went time for something different. As a technology enthusiast, I am fascinated by inkjet printing. The need to travel a lot had decreased considerably and the idea for the webshop was born. Life is Beautiful!

Lessons learned
We have already become acquainted with the world of inkjet printing and have started to delve into it. An earlier enthusiastic attempt to start a webshop with cheap cartridges was an expensive lesson.  Let’s say, the initially extremely cheap compatible cartridges from the Far East did not meet the European standard.

Why do we do what we do?
We want as many printers and signmakers as possible to benefit from the best rebuild cartridges for their wide format printer for a fair price. A cartridge deserves a second life and that is possible!
Together with our small, enthusiastic team, we have made the choice to specialize in rebuild cartridges for large format printers from Canon imagePROGRAF and HP DesignJet / Latex. Portfolio is expanding.

What’s in it for you?
You will discover that a high saving on ink costs is feasible. If you spend less you earn more. In addition, our premium cartridges are the best quality on the rebuild market, perform like an original and are REACH Compliant.
Why spend € 240 on a cartridge when you experience the same performance for € 105?

Increase value

Life is beautiful !
This must also apply to children. We support projects that relate to children who cannot live at home due to circumstances. Children are entitled to a careless childhood and a safe home.

Discover the possibilities

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Why use rebuild cartridges?
Suppose you buy a printer or a plotter or more. Then they come with original OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges.
There is nothing strange about that. A car also comes with tires of a certain brand. As soon as the tires need to be replaced, go to the garage and choose the tire that is most suitable for you.
Choice is yours. It’s your car and you choose the tires. It is the same with a printer. Now it is believed that the warranty on the machine expires when you use after market cartridges. This is prohibited by law. That’s not allowed

HOW WE HELP: We help Printers, Creative entrepreneurs, Experts and Starters (SMB’s) solve this challenge using “Fairly priced Affordable Products/Cartridges and Inks”. It’s not new but worth considering to achieve higher margin. We help you out finding what’s best for your business. We support you along the way the transition and after.